Digital Scanning in Pleasant Hill, CA

What is Digital Scanning?

Digital scanning is also known as 3-D intraoral scanning and uses the latest technology to take pictures and make impressions of the mouth. Digital scanning uses computer-aided software and a tool in the shape of a wand to create a virtual picture of the mouth. The digital software can display both the tissue and teeth and is extremely accurate. Digital scanning helps our doctors create immediate digital impressions and images so that items such as crowns, retainers, dentures, or bridges can be made quickly. Intraoral scanning can help identify teeth alignment issues and assist in correcting orthodontic problems with your teeth.

How does Digital Scanning work?

Digital scanning uses both a wand and a computer to take impressions of your teeth and mouth. The wand is inserted into the patient’s mouth and gently moved around to capture the top and bottom teeth. While the wand moves, the computer captures digital images instantly and displays them on a computer. The process is painless and quick, and patients can sit comfortably while their impressions are taken.

What are the benefits of Digital Scanning?

Digital scanning provides many benefits to both the patient and our doctors, and the process can be done quickly and in one appointment.

  • Impressions are quick and there is no goopy material used.
  • The process is easy and comfortable.
  • Digital scanning is extremely accurate.
  • Computer-aided technology provides an image of your teeth and gums immediately to help guide the process.
  • Items such as crowns, bridges, retainers, or dentures can be made accurately and quickly for patients.
  • Materials and labor are reduced with new digital scanning technology, and this reduces costs for both the patient and doctor.

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