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Ricardo M. Perez, DDS offers advanced care for your teeth and skin in one location where cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics combine to help patients achieve enhanced appearance and confidence. A well-balanced, beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth. The confidence and freedom that comes with it allows you to enjoy life spontaneously! Likewise, our spa treatments for smooth, glowing skin work to empower you from the inside out. Insecurities regarding teeth and skin cause people to quickly close their mouths before getting a picture taken, or stay home when they should be out with family and friends. Who wants to live life like that? Surely, you don’t, and we care deeply that you don’t—that’s why we’re here.

Our Patients Say

I actually look forward to my dental appointments. My mouth/teeth feel so clean after Kerry’s thorough cleanings. Dr. Perez equips his office with the latest in dental technology to provide efficient, comprehensive service. He and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and pleasant!
- Anne G.
Another successful dental appointment!!! Who really likes going to the dentist? Dr. Ric and his staff always make dental appointments stress free and relaxing and comfortable as any Doctor appointment can be. So, if you are looking for a dentist, this is where you want to schedule your next appointment.
- tano P.
Dr. Perez is absolutely the best! He performed miracles with my teeth. The implants and veneer look nothing short of awesome. I receive compliments on my smile all the time. The staff is friendly, in fact, more than friendly. They make you feel comfortable and treat you with the highest respect!
- Jesse R.
Dr. Perez is extremely personable and put me at ease.  He uses the latest technology and did a crown for me today in one visit!  I didn’tfeel a thing...must be why people refer to him as Painless Perez!
- Gene M.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Ricardo M. Perez

Ricardo M. Perez, DDS is a graduate of UCLA and the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. He is one of less than 5% of dentists who have completed hands-on training courses in cosmetics and jaw relations.

He continues to expand his knowledge in the most innovative technologies and techniques with the top courses in dentistry. These courses include Functional Anterior Aesthetics Program (PAC-Live), Ultimate Occlusion Program, Occlusion II, and Full-Mouth Synergy Program (Hornbrook Group). He is also DOCS-certified in Adult Oral Sedation and Anxiolysis.

Why Choose Us

Your well-being is important to us. We provide personalized, state-of-the-art dental treatments in a spa-like environment to ensure that your experience is both pleasant and comfortable. From general dentistry to advanced cosmetic dentistry and spa treatments, we provide everything you need to achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Porcelain Veneers in Pleasant Hill, CA

Porcelain veneers are thin restorations that can be added to the front of your smile. They help to cover up flaws and minor imperfections that might have you feeling badly about your appearance.

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Dental Implants in Pleasant Hill, CA

Dental implants are a permanent solution for patients seeking that perfect white smile. Implants are a great choice for patients that have broken, damaged, or missing...

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Laser Dentistry in Pleasant Hill, CA

Many times, patients are hesitant to go to the dentist because of the sounds and vibrations caused by the dental drill. This is why we use laser technology in our office, since it is easier, painless and quicker than traditional drills.

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