Cosmetic Botox in Pleasant Hill, CA


You may have heard of Botox before. This treatment is typically used to remove wrinkles or fine lines in the face. What you may not know is Botox can also aid in treating dental related issues such as migraines and headaches, overactive jaw muscles, and gummy smiles. The procedure is quick, simple, mostly painless and lasts from 3-6 months. Some of the dental benefits of Botox® include:

  • Stop muscle tension in the head and neck areas.
  • Decrease fine lines and wrinkles in forehead areas and around the eyes.
  • Prevent headaches and migraines.
  • Fix gummy smiles and asymmetries.
  • Help lessen TMD and pain associated with clenching and grinding.
  • Slim the jaw Line for people with overactive jaw muscles.
  • Decrease muscle pulls for surgical and orthodontic purposes.

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