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"You too can have the confidence that can come only from a beautiful smile."


Dental implants offer options that did not exist in the past. People lose teeth in their lifetime for a variety of reasons. Using titanium dental implants, there is a success rate of 98%. Implants are the standard of care to replace a missing tooth that does not involve any of the surrounding teeth. Read more >>


What exactly is a smile makeover? It can mean anything from 8-10 veneers on the top teeth that creates a dazzling white beautiful smile to a complete full mouth reconstruction that replaces missing teeth and restores function along with that dazzling smile. Each case is profoundly unique. Read more >>


Tired of your crowded teeth but think you’re too old for braces? Invisalign gives you the smile you want without the “railroad tracks”. Each case is unique and requires a specific number of movements to put that mouth in to an ideal position. Read more >>